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COBIT Foundation course

Cobit Training

The ISACA COBIT Foundation course addresses the benefits of a sound IT governance framework and explains how to realize effective IT governance using the COBIT best framework. It explains the COBIT framework using practical examples & a case-study-driven approach. It also addresses all other components of the COBIT toolkit, such as audit & management guidelines. The course helps professionals understand how to use COBIT in an understandable manner, logical and validates this knowledge in an interactive manner.

Objectives of Cobit

  1. Accepted globally as a set of tools that ensures IT is working effectively
  2. Functions as an overarching framework
  3. Provides common language to communicate objectives, goals & expected results to all stakeholders
  4. Based on, and integrates, industry standards and good practices in:
    • Strategic alignment of Information Technology with business goals
    • New projects & Value delivery of services
    • Risk & Resource management
    • Performance measurement

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Intended Audience

Cobit Course is aimed at organizations undertaking, or planning to undertake, the design and implementation of enterprise architecture for the support of mission critical business applications


There are no formal prerequisites for cobit course, but it is recommended that the participants have some experience in the IT governance domain.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction IT Challenges
    • Identify IT Management Issues
  2. IT Governance and Control Framework
    • IT Governance: Definition
    • IT Governance: Responsibility
    • IT Governance: Principles
    • Need for the IT Governance and Control Framework
    • Characteristics of the Control Framework
  3. COBIT: A Control Framework
    • COBIT � Value, Limitations, Components, and Benefits
    • Linking COBIT and IT Governance
    • Premise and Principle of COBIT
    • The COBIT Cube
  4. Overview of the COBIT Framework
    • Control Objectives of COBIT
    • Components of Management Guidelines
    • Components of Audit Guidelines
  5. COBIT: Framework and Components
    • Linking Business Goals, IT Goals, and IT Processes
    • Management Guidelines
    • <
  6. COBIT and Other Standards
    • COBIT: Alignment with Other Standards and Frameworks
    • COBIT: Compliance with Laws and Regulations
    • COBIT and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  7. COBIT: Resources and Benefits
    • COBIT Online
    • COBIT Quick Start
    • COBIT Security Baseline
    • IT Governance Implementation Guide


COBIT 5 Certified Assessors are highly competent IT and business professionals who have been trained in performing COBIT-based IT process assessments and have experience in planning, building, running and/or monitoring IT processes. COBIT 5 Certified Assessors are able to provide reliable, consistent and repeatable assessments of IT process capabilities—which helps IT leaders gain C-level and board member buy-in for change and improvement initiatives.