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EMC Avamar Integration and Performance Management

EMC Avamar Integration Training

Avamar Integration & performance management course provides you with the knowledge necessary to expand your Avamar integration and performance management skills. You will explore performance management procedures and best practices. Through hands-on labs, you'll gain hands-on experience in integrating Avamar with various applications, Data Domain & EMC NetWorker.


  • Avamar client, initialization, and security best practices
  • Install, configure & run backups and restores of supported database applications, NDMP appliances and VMware environments
  • Install, configure, and run backups and restores in environments integrated with Data Domain & Networker
  • Recommended practices for Avamar performance management, including sizing client caches and recovering from server capacity issues

Intended Audience

Employees, customers & partners responsible for Avamar application integration and performance management


  • Understanding of EMC Avamar concepts and administration
  • Experience in network administration in a TCP/IP environment
  • UNIX/Linux system administration experience
  • Avamar Management

Course Outline

  1. Configuring Avamar Server and Clients
    • Configuring the Client Backup Environment
    • Setting Up External Authentication
    • Avamar Data Security
  2. Performance Management
    • Performance Rates and Factors
    • Tuning File and Hash Caches
    • Network Bandwidth Considerations and Tuning
    • Managing Avamar Server Capacity
  3. Avamar Integration with EMC NetWorker
    • NetWorker Integration
    • Installation and Configuration
    • Backup, Restore, and Replication
  4. Avamar Integration with Data Domain
    • Data Domain Integration
    • Configuring and Troubleshooting
  5. Avamar Integration with Microsoft Applications
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Microsoft Exchange VSS
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Microsoft SharePoint VSS
    • Microsoft Windows Clusters
  6. Avamar Integration with Databases
    • Avamar Oracle Client
    • Avamar DB2 Client
  7. Avamar Integration with NDMP
  8. Virtual Environments
    • Avamar Virtual Edition
    • Backing Up Virtual Machines
    • VMware Image Backups
  9. Avamar Tape-Out Solutions
    • Avamar Data Transport
    • Avamar Tape-Out

In addition to lecture and demonstrations, this course includes hands-on labs to provide you with practical experience.


After completing this EMC Avamar Integration & performance course candidates have to give “MR-1CP-AVAIPM” exam for certification.