Six Sigma Green Belt certification Training Courses Six Sigma Green Belt certification Training Courses

Six Sigma Green Belt

Six sigma green belt Training

Green Belts are employees throughout the organization who execute Six Sigma as part of their overall jobs. They have less Six Sigma their energies & responsibility are focused on projects that tie directly to their day-to-day work. Green Belts have two primary tasks:

  • To help deploy the success of Six Sigma techniques
  • To lead small-scale improvement projects within their respective areas.
Green Belts can do much of the legwork in gathering data and executing experiments in support of a Black Belt project. As they become more proficient, they can increase the Black Belt’s effectiveness.


  • Translate the selection, implementation & application of a Six Sigma project, including the roles and responsibilities of all team members, to their own work area.
  • Collect appropriate data from their process to support problem solving.
  • Create detailed flowcharts & process maps of processes in order to relay the most accurate information to the organization’s Black Belts.
  • Demonstrate ability to monitor and control processes after course completion.

Innovative Technology Solutions offers Six Sigma Green Belt Training in 9 different locations in India – Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida & Pune.

Intended Audience

  • IT professionals
  • Business Professionals
  • Engineers
  • Operations Managers
  • Business Professional from financial, government, healthcare, manufacturing, education and supply chain industries
  • Recent college graduates


Candidates should knowledge about six sigma yellow belt and also have certification of yellow belt

Course Outline

  1. Measure
    • Introduction to the Six Sigma Methodology
    • Process Mapping
    • XY Matrix
    • Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
    • Basic Statistics
    • Confidence Intervals
    • Graphical Methods: Measure
    • Capability Assessment I
    • Capability Assessment II
    • Measurement System Analysis (Attribute)
    • Measurement System Analysis (Variable)
    • Deliverables
  2. Analyze
    • Multi-Variable Studies
    • Graphical Data Analysis
    • Correlation and Regression
    • Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
    • Statistical Tests of Means
    • Statistical Tests of Variance
    • Statistical Tests of Proportions
    • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
    • Deliverables: Analyze
  3. Improve/Control
    • Introduction to Design of Experiments
    • 2k Design of Experiments
    • Deliverables: Improve
    • Mistake-Proofing
    • Lean Manufacturing
    • Introduction to Statistical Process Control
    • Pre-Controls
    • Statistical Process Control Y’s
    • Statistical Process Control X’s
    • Control Plans