Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification Training Courses Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification Training Courses

Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Six sigma yellow belt Training

LEAN Six Sigma is a methodology focused on creating breakthrough improvements by reducing defects & managing variation in processes across the enterprise. This helps organizations deliver business excellence, superior profits & higher customer satisfaction. Today Six Sigma focus has moved from a simple defect reduction to cost reduction to value creation. Yellow Belt course primarily focuses on giving introduction to quality & quality processes that makes a product or service efficient & reliable. This course provides thorough knowledge of Six Sigma philosophies and understanding of statistical tools, systems & techniques. Training also provides introduction to LEAN,LEAN tools & 7+1 wastes.


  • Translate the selection, implementation & application of a Six Sigma project, including the roles and responsibilities of all team members, to their own work area.
  • Collect appropriate data from their process to support problem solving.
  • Create detailed flowcharts & process maps of processes in order to relay the most accurate information to the organization Black Belts
  • Demonstrate ability to monitor and control processes after course completion.

Innovative Technology Solutions offers Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training in 9 different locations in India Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida & Pune.

Intended Audience

Yellow Belt course is aimed at organizations planning to undertake, the design and implementation of enterprise architecture for the support of mission critical business applications


There are no pre-requisites for gaining a yellow belt certification in Six Sigma , however some basic knowledge of Six Sigma may be required.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Quality Initiative
    • Understanding Quality and Defects
    • Understanding Variation and Source of Variation
    • Understanding Operational Excellence and the need for Six Sigma
  2. Introduction to LEAN Six Sigma
    • LEAN Six Sigma Benefits and Advantages
    • Key elements of Six Sigma
    • Six Sigma Methodologies
  3. Understanding Six Sigma Tools & Techniques
    • Understanding Voice of Customer, Critical to Quality mapping
    • Six Sigma Scale of defects
    • Understanding of DMAIC Tools and Techniques for problem Solving
  4. Introduction to LEAN Six Sigma
    • Understanding Six Sigma basics Purpose, History & Methodology
    • Key Business Drivers
    • Statistical concept behind Six Sigma
    • Overview of LEAN, DMAIC, DMADV, DFSS
    • 7 + 1 wastes
    • Understanding LEAN Tools Value Stream Mapping, Kanban, Kaizen, Takt Time, Haijunka, Jidoka, Continuous Flow, 5S, Poka Yoke
  5. Deliverables
    • Step-by-Step Detailed Courseware
    • Assessment Test
    • Case Studies
    • Hands on problem solving using Six sigma
    • Training Effectiveness Measurement using Jack Phillips Levels Framework


The IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (ICYB) is a professional who is versed in the basics of the Six Sigma Methodology who supports improvement projects as a part of a team or conducts small projects on a part time basis. A Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt possesses an understanding of the aspects within the phases of D-M-C.